Supported Employment

Hands On SA is an Australian Disability Enterprise that provides meaningful employment and support to people living with a disability who may not be able to work in ‘open employment’ in the general community.

We offer a secure and nurturing environment which enables people to take part in paid employment, building on existing skills and developing new skills across an ever-growing array of jobs, including:

  • Packaging of industrial components, food products, personal care liquids, and more.
  • Assembly and packaging of components to a high quality.
  • Mail out campaigns involving collation, sorting, labelling and post distribution.
  • Machine operation such as shrink wrapping, bag sealing, drilling, liquid and powder filling.
  • Process work including quality inspection, weighing, counting and sorting.

Our employees gain satisfaction from achieving rewarding work and contributing to society.

That said, Hands On SA places an emphasis on so much more than just work. We are all about inspiring better lives. Our work environments are amongst the best in the sector, with modern facilities which are well maintained and climate controlled. Our sites are supported by staff who foster inclusion and social development of all, enabling employees to better many aspects of their lives and gain much more than just paid employment.

Becoming a Supported Employee

Working for Hands On SA is a great opportunity to better yourself. Our staff are committed to making sure that each person looking for work and employed at Hands On SA is treated fairly and given the opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends and gain independence. Employees will receive training and an Individual Employment Plan outlining strategies to assist them in achieving their vocational goals.

To be eligible for supported employment with Hands On SA, all you need is:

  • To have a disability support pension, or have approval from Centrelink for Disability Employment Assistance
  • To be able to work a minimum of 8 hours per week
  • To be 16 years of age or over

To apply to become a supported employee with Hands On SA, or to learn more about our services, simply contact us to obtain an application form by calling or emailing us via the contact us page.


We are pleased to receive referrals for new supported employees either directly from individuals, carers, advocates and family members or through medical practitioners, agencies such as Centrelink, community support services and community health centres.

We do encourage people considering supported employment to visit the Hands On SA premises and take a guided tour of your potential workplace. These tours provide you the opportunity to see first-hand the work environments and the type of work opportunities that exist at the respective locations. Successful applicants will be employed at one of our two production facilities in Kent Town or Oakden.

Benefits of Joining

Joining the team at Hands On SA brings with it a host of benefits.


Here at Hands On SA, we are proud of our community atmosphere. New recruits can build a support network with fellow supported employees and staff which leads to long term friendships and social connections. The people who work with us love coming to work every day.


Employees at Hands On SA earn the independence which comes with paid employment. Feedback from our employees tells us that supported employment has helped to build self-confidence across all aspects of life.


The Hands On SA team is dedicated to providing ongoing support for our supported employees.


We make an effort to match individuals with rewarding work which builds upon their existing skills and abilities. Our supported employees report a strong sense of contribution and achievement because they work in a job that they are good at and can see results at the end of each day.


We focus on continuous improvement, and so our team regularly undergoes training and development. In discussions of each employee’s Individual Employment Program, we will identify specific training options to help everyone achieve their personal vocational objectives.

Our People’s Stories

Receiving positive feedback from our supported employees is one of the most rewarding aspects of our business. Here are just a few of our success stories from our wonderful supported employees.


After struggling with fluctuating work for years, Bianca sought something stable and rewarding. Bianca’s mum found an ad for Hands On SA in the newspaper and suggested that Bianca try it out.

Now, after two years, Bianca works alongside her husband and appreciates the independence and value that Hands On SA brings to her life. She is glad she took the initial chance and tried something new because she now feels confident in her role and doesn’t look back.


Kelvin had passed a cleaning services course but had difficulty securing employment. He felt that many organisations were worried about taking on an employee with a disability. Despite this, he was committed to finding a job. After seeing an ad in the paper for Hands On SA, Kelvin applied and was offered a job. Coming from a manufacturing background, Kelvin felt most comfortable in assembly work. Now, over five years on, Kelvin demonstrates impressive productivity and says that he feels like he accomplishes a lot every day. Keeping active stimulates both his physical and mental health, and he reports that working has made him a happier person.


Sue is a longstanding supported employee with Hands On SA. It was over 8 years ago when a friend in her unit recommended coming on board. Sue said that she was sick of watching the four walls of her living room and wanted to get outside the house. Even when her friend later left Hands On SA, Sue found that she had made a solid friendship group and liked the friendly staff and so decided to stay. Today Sue is independent, catching the bus to work every day and working across a range of jobs. She especially likes jobs where she can keep her fingers busy, like packaging and mail campaigns. Sue is disappointed that she will be retiring soon and leaving the Hands On SA community, but looks forward to spending time on her hobby of arts and crafts.


Brian had been looking for a job with a recruitment agency for some time. He was only looking for something temporary at first that was easily accessible by bus from his home in Tranmere. After commencing work at Hands On SA, he was surprised as a month, six months and then a year passed by in no time at all. He found that instead of having to go to work, he wanted to come to work. Now, ten years on, Brian still loves the atmosphere and work environment at Hands On SA. He finds the team flexible and helpful, so much so that at the end of the day sometimes he doesn’t want to go home. He’s got a close group of friends and feels like the work is really tailored to suit his skills, and particularly enjoys making boxes and labelling.

Work Experience

Hands On SA offers work experience placements for students with a disability who are transitioning from school to work.These placements provide students with the opportunity to gain diverse new skills and be exposed to the world of work. Placements will present both responsibilities and challenges and are highly rewarding experiences.

To apply for a work experience placement, please contact by phone or email.

Arrange a Tour

Hands On SA would like to invite you to take a tour of our facilities to get a feel for our social and cohesive workplace. Tours are available at our head office and production facility at Kent Town and at our larger production facility at Oakden.

  • Hands On SA – Kent Town
  • 47 King William Street
  • Kent Town, South Australia 5067
  • Hands On SA – Oakden
  • 191-197 Hilltop Drive
  • Oakden, South Australia 5086

Please contact our friendly staff to arrange an individual tour.