Hands On SA recognises and respects tradition whilst also embracing change.

Hands On SA, a South Australian disability enterprise, was founded in February 1963 by the efforts of Ms. Marion Disney, Dr Lother Hoff and others on the Glenside Hospital campus. At this time, there were limited employment opportunities for people with a disability. Many parents of children with a disability wanted their children to gain vocational training and real employment opportunities. These parents established sheltered workshops to provide vocational activities.

In 1986, the introduction of the Commonwealth Disability Services Act enshrined principles and objectives for disability service delivery into legislation. From then, the older style sheltered workshops moved into a business services model, as employment for people with disability emerged as a national priority for the Australian Government.

Ten years later in 1996 the Australian Government announced further reforms to improve service quality, to match service funding to the support needs of people with a disability receiving assistance, and to link funding to employment outcomes.

Today, Hands On SA provides employment to more than 130 people living with a disability across two metropolitan sites at Kent Town and Oakden. We are recognised for offering an environment that motivates and inspires employees by providing them with meaningful, secure and supported employment across an ever-growing array of activities. Employment opportunities are tailored to the individual and we cater for the expression of specific talents, skills and abilities.